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How To Let Go Of Jealousy

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Timeless Wisdom: Seven Spiritual Laws To Access The Life-Changing Power of the Quran

In the name of God, the Most Loving, the Most Kind.


“Know yourself, and you will know your Lord.” – Prophet Muhammad*


The manuscript you hold in your hands is unlike any personal development or spiritual growth book you’ve ever read. You may be in the personal development, pop-psych or spirituality section of the bookshop right now, surrounded by wisdom people have collected from their lives’ experiences. Or, perhaps you just ordered this book online with a few others offering you the hope of a better life.


Whatever path brought you here, I can assure you, you’re here for a reason much greater than you think, and the treasures that lie ahead may be much more valuable than you imagined.


This book contains Timeless Wisdom – Seven Spiritual Laws to Access the Life-Changing power of the Quran.


These spiritual laws apply to all of humanity, whether they realise it or not.  Those who aren’t aware that these laws are acting on them and through them, will never deeply understand the Quran, nor will they attain higher levels of consciousness.


It is apparent through their writings that spiritual masters, religious scholars and sages throughout the ages were aware of these laws, although they did not label them as such.


It’s important to understand that these laws are not just ‘good ideas’. They do not tell you how to live your life. These are not ‘rules of thumb’ on how to live a better life.


From the moment you were born, you’ve been subject to a great force of nature that has been codified into these Seven Spiritual Laws. There was never a moment or even a millisecond of your life that any one of these seven laws was not true for you, and for all of humanity.


Understanding the Seven Laws is the essence of self-knowledge. Not the kind that requires you to decide what personality-type you are and gets you to fill out self-assessment quizzes, but the kind that causes deep and permanent transformation.


By reading this text, you will increase your understanding of the Seven Laws, and it will be easier and more enjoyable for you to read the Quran, because each time you engage with it, it will enhance the quality of your life.


It all starts with deeply understanding the Law of Effortless Transformation. But before we get to that, it is essential that we explore…


The Difference Between A Law & A Belief


In the world of Personal Development, there are thousands of great ideas: ideas that can make a difference for you. There are a lot of people teaching positive beliefs: beliefs that may improve your life. I love great ideas and I love positive beliefs. You probably do too or you wouldn’t be reading this book.


However, sometimes these ‘great ideas’ and ‘positive beliefs’ are labelled as ‘Laws’. I have come across so many ‘laws’ as I read popular books on psychology and spirituality that the word ‘law’ has lost all real meaning.


To me (and the dictionary), a ‘law’ is not something that seems to be generally true for most people most of the time. That’s a ‘rule of thumb’ at best. For something to be an actual ‘law’ of human experience, it must be absolutely true for all human beings, all of the time, whether or not any individual happens to believe in it.


In that respect, the “Law Of Attraction”, a popular example, is a wonderful idea, but not a law. The idea that like attracts like, so if you use creative positive imagination you will create the results you desire is, unfortunately, not a law. If nine Olympic athletes line up for the 100m sprint, having undergone the same level of mental training and positive thinking, eight of them will not achieve the gold despite conscientiously trying to ‘attract’ it. One counter example is all that is needed to prove that a belief is not an actual law.


I propose to you that each of the ‘Seven Spiritual Laws’ I present in this text are actual laws. They are true for all human beings, all of the time. As such, these laws can be the most valuable guide in your personal development and your journey towards inner peace and happiness. Even if it’s been so long that you can barely remember the last time you were truly happy, in the next few pages of this small book, you may have a realisation that can cause a deep sense of happiness to return to you, permanently.


You will intuitively know that the insights that follow make common sense and are true for you. But, whether or not you happen to ‘believe’ in these laws doesn’t make any difference. I’ve had students who believed in what I was teaching, but didn’t insightfully understand the laws and so it made no major difference for them. And, I’ve had students who didn’t believe in what I was teaching, until the truth of these Laws hit them like a ton of bricks.


It does not matter if you believe in gravity. Gravity does not need you to believe in it in order to work on you. It doesn’t matter if you believe the sun goes around the Earth. It does not. Even when all of humanity believed it did, it still didn’t.


All the positivity and great ideas in the world are nowhere near as powerful as one simple objective truth about human experience. When you discover an actual impersonal ‘truth’ about your self, your world changes.


What The Seven Spiritual Laws Will Do For You


The Laws I present in this work are already doing a lot for you. They are creating your experience of life, right now as you read this page. Knowing what the Seven Laws are and deepening your understanding of how they work will raise your level of consciousness and give your life more depth and meaning.


I’ve been teaching these laws to thousands of people all over the world for just over a year now, and their lives have changed in unexpectedly brilliant ways. Muslims find that the more deeply they understand these laws, the more insights and personal breakthroughs they have as they read the Quran.


Whether or not you’re a Quran-reader, here are some of the things you can expect to happen as you deepen your understanding of the Seven Spiritual Laws contained in this book…


  • You’ll find a deep sense of inner peace and happiness returns to your life, and stays with you permanently. On the odd occasion that it escapes you, it will quickly return.


  • You’ll become far more attractive to clients, business partners, friends and lovers. Your positive energy will become contagious and people will love being in your presence.


  • Your relationships will become more loving and effortless. I’ve found that as I deepen my awareness of these Laws, the people around me really seem to shape up all of a sudden!


  • You can let go of past hurts and traumas (even the really serious ones). This has been almost miraculous in my life and for my clients, and it may even happen for you just by reading this book.


  • You will let go of your usual negative emotional reactions – even ones that have become so habitual that you may not be aware of them until they leave. This includes anxiety, stress, anger, and feelings of hurt, sadness and guilt.


  • Be in the high-productivity zone a lot more of the time. Being in a state of ‘flow’ at work or being more present with your family are natural side effects of understanding the Seven Laws.


  • Quickly let go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions before they slow you down or stop you succeeding (these are the two major causes that block our ability to achieve goals)


  • Quickly go from ruminating and stressful negative thinking about projects, to inspired free-flowing action.


  • Discover a natural, permanent source of motivation and confidence that doesn’t require you to ‘work on yourself’


  • You may find that by the time you’ve finished reading this manuscript, nothing in the outside world has changed, and yet everything looks different to you.


  • You will find a deep, authentic spiritual connection with yourself, life and God (whatever label you use for It) that will fill you up with warm and fuzzy feelings of gratitude whenever you want them and often when you don’t expect them.


  • You will create your most beautiful, inspired life.



When you look at a caterpillar you can’t see what the butterfly will look like. I don’t know how radically, magically different your life will be when you deepen your understanding of the Seven Spiritual Laws. However, I do know that a deep, profound transformation is only one thought away from you – an insightful realization that I hope you will awaken to as you read these pages.


A Note About Religion & Spirituality


The Dalai Lama once described religion and spirituality like this…


Everyone needs water. Without it, we soon dehydrate and die. We can dip a tea bag in warm water, with tealeaves or a blend of herbs and spices, to turn the water into very tasty tea.


However, not everyone likes the same tastes, so not everyone is going to want to drink the same kind of tea. But every human being needs the water in the tea.


The Seven Spiritual Laws are like water. Regardless of your faith, or your belief system, everyone needs this water. It will rehydrate your soul, and allow happiness and peace to quickly return to your life.



Who This Book Is For


Although I come from a spiritual tradition, that has in part informed and deepened my understanding of these Seven Laws, it is important to note that this book does not require faith of any kind to work for you.


However, believers from all faith backgrounds and none, will benefit immensely from understanding the Seven Laws. They have certainly transformed and deepened my understanding of the scriptures I read.


So, what that means for you is…


  • If you are a Christian, Muslim or Jew, understanding the Seven Laws will make you a better Christian, Muslim or Jew.


  • If you are a Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist or Yogi, understanding the Seven Laws will make you a better Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist or Yogi.


  • If you are an atheist or agnostic, understanding the Seven Laws will make you a better atheist or agnostic.


  • If you are a Conservative or Liberal, understanding the Seven Laws will make you a better Conservative or Liberal.


These labels may define a part of your belief system, but you are much greater than the sum total of your beliefs about yourself and in the end, your belief system is not my concern. My only concern is the extent to which you understand yourself.


Although the Seven Laws were intuitively understood by some of the greatest and wisest figures throughout history, they have not yet been codified into one single, simple volume, accessible by all. As such, most people fumble through life with no real criteria upon which to base their most important decisions.


Until now, we’ve had no real way of knowing if our thoughts are destructive, ego-based thoughts, or if they come from a deeper level of consciousness, somewhere beyond the ego. The result of an ego-driven human race can be seen every day in the news. The cure lies in the next few pages of this book.


You do not need to change the world for your world to change.


I respect, admire and love you for being on this spiritual journey and being open to the idea that there may just be something incredible waiting for you on one of the following pages – something that will awaken the greatness that has been laying dormant inside of you all along.


You, The Quran And The Seven Spiritual Laws


If you’ve never read the Quran and choose to never read the Quran, you’ll still benefit immensely from understanding the Seven Spiritual Laws, you’ll just miss out on one of the world’s most beautiful treasures.


That’s okay. There are other treasures you can benefit from. I hear the Bible is awesome. Some of the teachings of the Buddha and Jesus* have changed my life and deepened my understanding of my own tradition. Your path will choose you, as mine chose me. As one spiritual teacher described the different religious teachings: “It’s the same Author – just different target markets.”


If you’ve already read the Quran but didn’t feel like you got anything out of it other than abstract ideas about God and the Afterlife, it’s kind of like you were sitting on a treasure chest but never got to open it and look inside. You may want to revisit the Quran after reading this book, when you have a deeper understanding of the Seven Spiritual Laws. It will be a very different experience.


If you’ve read the Quran thousands of times already, and are totally in love with it, upon understanding the Seven Laws, you’ll be able to see the Quran with ‘new eyes’. It’s as though you’ve already seen the treasure, you know it’s there, but perhaps you haven’t quite been able to do anything with it. After all, what’s the point in having the most valuable treasure in the world, if you can’t use it to improve the quality of your life?


Here’s the bottom line…


If your daily experience of life is anything other than permanent peace, there’s something for you to discover in this book. If you haven’t fully awakened to the greatness within you, there’s something for you in the Quran. To access, enjoy and really benefit from the treasure of the Quran, you may need to first understand the Seven Spiritual Laws in this book.


How To Make The Most Of Timeless Wisdom


For now, I would strongly encourage you to forget everything you think you know about life, God, spirituality, religion and who you think you are. If your cup is full, it can’t take any more water, or tea, regardless of how tasty it is.


As I mentioned earlier, the Seven Spiritual Laws are not ‘rules on how to live’. They are the foundational principles that explain how life works, and how you create your experience of life. As you will soon discover, a powerful transformation will occur in your life, but only when you see the truth of these laws for yourself.


Knowing intellectually that these laws are true is very different to insightfully seeing how, in certain areas of your life up until now, you’ve been operating as though these laws are not true. When you see the gap between your reality and actual reality, a major internal shift occurs.


I can virtually guarantee you’ll have ‘ah-ha’ moments and insightful breakthroughs as you read this book. That’s what happens every time you have an insight about the nature of reality and your self.


You’ll soon have a criterion upon which you can look at whatever is going on in your life, and see your thoughts and feelings in the light of objective truth.  In my experience, this is the fastest way to see when you’re being “crazy” (and we all are sometimes!) versus when you’re just doubting yourself for no reason.


This book is not a personal development manual, although it will likely improve your life more than any “how to” book. To make the most of this experience, I strongly encourage you to not take any notes. Do not try to ‘remember’ anything you read. There will not be any exercises. You won’t even need to underline any sentences (although you may feel inspired to ‘Tweet’ your favourite quotes!).


What awaits you is Timeless Wisdom that will likely trigger an effortless transformation within you. On the other side of this book is “You 2.0 – The Happy, Enlightened Version”. The worst-case scenario is that you learn the Seven Laws, even memorise them, but don’t see their implications in your life. This book, like most spiritual texts, is not designed to teach you new information. It’s purpose is to quiet and clear your mind so you awaken.


To get the most out of this book, I encourage you to read it like nothing else in the world matters, or even exists. Kick back, relax, and enjoy this book as you would a favourite movie or piece of uplifting classical music.


So go ahead, grab yourself a cup of your favourite tea or coffee and get comfy. (As a respectable Muslim I couldn’t possibly recommend a glass of wine as you do this… and as a conscientious human being I really don’t recommend any black poisonous liquid acid – even if it claims to be of the ‘diet’ variety. The aim here is to ‘elevate your consciousness’, after all!).


When you’re comfortable, let’s begin with…

Chapter 1: The Law of Effortless Transformation


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Timeless Wisdom: Seven Spiritual Laws To Access The Life-Changing Power of the Quran

In the name of God, the Most Loving, the Most Kind.


What if you had the ability to access the sublime power of the Quran to enhance the quality of your life?

When you access the transformational power of the Quran you can…

  • Permanently eliminate stress from its very source
  • Return to your natural state of inner-peace, ease and well being
  • Clear your mind from the internal negative self-talk that robs you of happiness
  • Enjoy fulfilling, enlightened relationships, that you don’t need to ‘work on’ to maintain
  • Free yourself from the fear of failure, success, death and loss.
  • Transform the way you perceive time to create an abundance of free time for what matters most to you
  • Transcend the biggest problems of your life
  • Develop rituals of excellence
  • Live with a permanent sense of presence
  • Have a clear and focused mind
  • Wake up with unshakable confidence
  • And much, much more…


It doesn’t matter how religious you are, which religion you believe in, or if you even believe in religion at all, for you to experience all of these benefits.


The Quran is the most widely read yet grossly misunderstood book on the planet. Throughout the ages, wise women and men have displayed their willingness to live and, if necessary, die for its message of truth, love, consciousness and peace.


Ever wonder how an ancient text can have such an enormous influence over people? What if you could access the timeless wisdom it offers, which is lost on most of its readers?


Like with every deeply spiritual text, the Quran can be read in a superficial way that brings no meaningful change to the life of the reader. Or, it can be read and understood on a deeply transformational level. The Quran claims itself to be a source of guidance and insight for ‘those who are conscious’.


The aim of this book is to take you on an inner journey to elevate your level of consciousness and spiritual depth. The deeper you are willing to go in understanding the Seven Spiritual Laws, the more the Quran will awaken the greatness within you.

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"Free Yourself From The 'Ego-Trap'
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The Solution To Life’s Most Stressful Problems

I just got off the call with a coaching client, who had the exact same problem as every other client I’ve had this week. In fact, it’s the only problem anyone ever has.

Got any problems in life right now? Here’s the only solution you’ll ever need…

A “problem” is only a problem if you’re feeling upset about it, or if you think that you will feel upset about it if you don’t ‘figure it out’. If you felt completely neutral about all of the circumstances in your life right now, you would:

a)    not have any ‘problems’ – just situations to deal with (like the hundreds of other situations you’re dealing with that are not ‘problems’).

b)   not be a robot – feeling ‘neutral’ or ‘peaceful’ isn’t the same as not feeling anything. Feelings are what make us human. They’re an expression of our thought. You’re always feeling something. In fact if you don’t feel anything, you’re dead.

Here’s a life-changing question…

What if you could look at the problems of your life without attaching your feelings to them?

You’re always feeling something. I’m not suggesting we all become robots. I’m suggesting that if you want inner-peace, freedom from stress and a permanent solution to your problem, you can simply free yourself from the illusion that your feelings are coming from your ‘problems’. They’re not.

Where are your feelings actually coming from?

Whatever you’re feeling right now, is coming from within. Your feelings come from your thoughts. The only thing causing you to feel angry/upset/stressed when you think about your ‘problem’ is that you’re having angry/upset/stressed thoughts.

Why are you having angry/upset/stressed thoughts?

Because you are.

It that the dumbest explanation ever? Maybe. Or it may be the wisest.

Feelings come and go, like the weather. Most of us act as though there are ‘good’ feelings and ‘bad’ feelings. The objective of life is to feel the ‘good’ ones and avoid the ‘bad’ ones.

Good luck with that.

There is no technique, or personal development system or religion in the world that can permanently eliminate ‘bad feelings’. That’s because bad feelings, like good feelings, come from thought. Thought is totally unpredictable. There’s no guessing what you’ll be thinking this time tomorrow.

Even if you train yourself with strict meditation today, at this exact moment tomorrow, you could have a thought that makes you feel: upset; angry; hurt; happy; elated; joyful; stressed; peaceful or any other emotion.

That’s life.

The good news is, the only source of your feelings is thought. Not your situation, not your ‘problem’, not your partner, not your job. Just thought. That’s the only thing that has the power to cause a feeling.

So, what does this have to do with ‘solving your problem’?

When you happen to be in a ‘good mood’, and you’re feeling happy, peaceful, calm, the problems of your life don’t really seem to exist as problems. They magically transform into situations that you ‘just know’ you’ll figure out.

When you happen to be a ‘bad mood’, and you’re feeling upset, angry, stressed, the problems of your life seem really big and hairy. They are mountains that must be overcome. You go and ask all your friends and advisors what you should do but none of their solutions seem to fit. You’re feeling so insecure about the pending apocalypse that will happen if you don’t figure the problem out, that you probably wouldn’t see the external solution if it slapped you in the face.

The external solution isn’t really what you need. The external situation isn’t really the problem. The real problem is this: right now you believe that if you don’t resolve your problem, the consequences will make you feel unhappy. The consequences of unresolved problems don’t cause unhappiness.

Happiness, unhappiness, stress and freedom come from within. Each of these is a spiritual state – a state of mind. They have nothing to do with the state of your affairs. Nothing.

Now, if you’re wondering…

“That’s nice, but how do I apply this?”

…Then I can assure you, you’re missing the point.

There is nothing to ‘apply’. There is nothing to ‘do’.

When you can look at the problems of your life without attaching your feelings to them, they instantly cease to be ‘problems’.

Trying to ‘do’ something about the fact that your problem just disappeared is just your ego’s way of trying to bring the problem back to life.

You simply cannot have a problem while you know that your feelings come from within. And if you have no problem, what is there to do?

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It Takes Less Energy To Win

I just got back from a class of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In fact, I’m all sweaty as I write this, but I just had an enormous insight I want to share with you.

Today was a tough class and I’m relatively out of shape. And, lo & behold, the Master Chen decided it would be a perfect time to have us fight for the entire class, instead of showing us new techniques.

I had spent the last 10 minutes of the class fighting with a couple of guys who were about 100kg (220 pounds). After a 1 minute rest, I was up again, this time against a blue belt who’s a weight category above me. The problem is, I was absolutely shattered. Although I agreed to fight the last 5 minute round, my body was shaking.

Then it occurred to me. Just before the final round, I realised something which is obvious in retrospect, but I had never seen it this way before…

It Takes Less Energy To Win A Fight Than It Does To Lose. 

My normal default at this point in the game – the last round when I’m absolutely shattered would be to ‘let the other guy win’ because I just want to survive! Just as that would be a terrible strategy in real life situation, it is also not a great strategy in the gym.

You see, in Jiu Jitsu, the guy who is losing is the one in an inferior position – ie. the other guy is sitting on top of you with all of their body weight. But, the guy who’s ‘winning’ has the luxury of putting all of their body weight on the other guy. In a ‘winning’ position, you can essentially rest. In a ‘losing’ position, you absolutely cannot rest – even if you’re not moving, you’re spending energy just trying to breath.

To get into a ‘winning’ position does indeed require a burst of energy, and it requires you to think strategically. That seems like a lot of effort. However, you’ll be thinking anyway, even if you’re underneath. You’ll be thinking ‘how do I get this annoying git off me?!’. And, you’ll spend bursts of energy trying to escape.

Plus, once you’re in the superior position, it’s smooth sailing. You just need to stay there, which is a lot easier and requires a lot less energy. The guy underneath will try to escape, but staying in a superior position is way easier than escaping from an inferior position.

How Does This Apply To Your Quran Studies & Your Life?

It takes less energy to save than it does to waste money on stuff you don’t need and then get stressed about it.

It takes less energy to workout each day than it does to suffer the consequences of poor health & fitness.

It takes less energy to find your perfect partner than it does to be single & constantly on the prowl.

It takes less energy to acquire clients than it does to worry about not having enough clients.

It takes less energy to pray than it does to miss a prayer and over-think what a terrible Muslim you are.

It takes less energy to do your daily Quran study than it does to miss it, and beat yourself up afterwards.

It takes less energy to win the game of life than it does to lose.

Ultimately, by putting in the extra effort to focus on winning the game of jiujitsu, I survived the last 5 minute round, and spent most of the time in a superior or equal position. Don’t get me wrong, the blue belt guy still beat me in the end – he was a better fighter – but I spent less energy fighting because I spent more time ‘winning’.

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How To Deal With The Loss Of A Loved One…

How To Deal With The Loss Of A Loved One…” 14.6 MB

To download the MP3, click the link above.

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How To Never Beat Yourself Up Again

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Taqwa Tuesday #5: How Live Without Regrets

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Taqwa Tuesday #4: How To Be Spiritually Present – All The Time

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