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“Could It Really Be This Easy To Finally Find, Attract & Marry The Ideal Muslim Husband You’ve Been Dreaming About…?”

Yes! And If You’ve Been Searching For Years With No Luck, This May Be The Most Important Letter You Ever Read…

Mamoon Yusaf - Quran Coach

Dear Sister,

May the Peace, Love & Blessings of Allah Be With You.

I have a few questions for you and I want you to take a moment to honestly reflect on the answers.

Are you…

  • Totally fed up of trying everything to find your ideal husband, from marriage events to online websites to networking… and nothing seems to work?
  • Losing hope in the male species because every time you just start to connect with a potential spouse he suddenly goes ‘cold’ and disappears off the face of the Earth…?
  • Finding it hard to be ‘patient’ with rude auntie-gees who keep asking you why you’re not married and look down you for it and even outright insult you…?

Or, maybe you’re…

  • Secretly seeing someone you want to marry but afraid to tell your parents about it… and then get extremely embarrassed because they keep inviting rishta’s around and you’re trying to find excuses to say no to them…?
  • Starting to worry that if your friends and family aren’t really helping you get married, it must mean that on some level they don’t think you’re worth setting up…?
  • Frustrated at religious people because they’ve been telling you all your life not to talk with boys… and now they’ve suddenly switched to asking you why you’re not married…?!

Maybe you’re more experienced and you’ve been searching for a while. In that case, are you…

  • Trying to recover from yet another engagement that’s broken off and frustrated that he’s just wasted your precious time?
  • Attracted to the exact wrong kind of man who you know won’t make good husband material but despite what your friends (and common sense) say, you keep thinking you can ‘fix’ him and make him stay with you forever?
  • Divorced with kids and are worried that no-one’s going to want to be with someone in your situation?

But worst of all…

  • Are you so afraid of getting hurt that it seems easier to not even look, and instead try to convince yourself that you don’t want to get married?
  • Deep down inside, are you worried because you know that the more time you waste playing these ‘games’, the less chance there is you’ll ever get to have your own kids?

“Isn’t Islam Meant To Protect Muslim Women From Being Hurt Like This…?”

That’s what one of my clients asked me after facing just one of the dreadful situations described above.

These aren’t fantasy scenarios – these are real experiences that millions of Muslim women are facing every day.

But now that you’ve found this site, you don’t have to.

There is no such thing as ‘luck’ or ‘random chance’. You’re on this page because Allah (swt) chose for you to be here. If answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, or if your intuition is telling you to stay, trust it and read on.

But first, let me address the elephant in the room that might have crossed your mind…

“What In The World Does A Male So-Called ‘Quran-Coach’ Have To Teach Me About Finding A Husband…?!”

That’s a great question… and I’ve heard it more than once! Along with, “Are you just another misogynist who’s going to try to tell me how to behave like a ‘good Muslim girl’?!”

Let’s get something straight. This isn’t about telling you how to act. This is about helping you understand why he acts the way he does & what you can do about it.

It’s also about giving you the emotional and spiritual tools you need to overcome some of the hardest situations a single woman will inevitably face if she wants to find herself a husband.

But, just so we’re clear…

Let me briefly explain how I came to coach Muslim women on finding love and getting married (…and what in the world it has to do with the Quran)

Back in 2009 fresh out of university I started Quran Coaching to help people access the life-changing power of the Quran. This was incredibly popular and within just a few weeks I had a waiting list of clients who wanted to work with me.

After years studying personal development and the Quran I finally started to realize that the Quran actually is the greatest personal development manual on the planet, and it has transformational, spiritual power.

So, instead of just helping people with tajweed and Arabic, I started coaching my clients to overcome their biggest challenges and achieve their biggest goals.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, for 80% of my clients, their number #1 goal was… you guessed it… to find a husband.

When I started helping my clients with this goal…

I noticed 2 remarkable things that I could never have predicted…

  • There are 5 specific steps that Muslim women have to go through in order to get married, that are different to women from other cultures. This basically renders a lot of the ‘dating’ advice out there useless for us.
  • Most Muslim women don’t have any way of knowing how or why men act the way they do during each of these 5 phases.

(I mean, let’s face it, it’s not like you can go and ask your father or brother about why a guy you’re really attracted to isn’t replying to your texts. * Awkward *)

And other married women are often even less helpful, especially if it’s been many years since they were ‘looking’ for themselves.

And, as for the ‘religious guidance’ out there… unfortunately, it is extremely limited in quantity and quality.

The sad reality is that the fiqh of marriage improves your relationships about as much as the fiqh of slaughter improves your cooking.

“Finally! There’s Hope…”

For the first time, you can get real professional advice that works – from a trained relationship coach – who can see things from the ‘mysterious’ male perspective…”

Here’s What Our Students Say…

“Anybody who’s skeptical about Quran coaching, I would say leave your skepticism in the backseat”

“I’m feeling quite inspired… A lot of the comments the Quran Coach was making were very relevant to my situation”


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The World’s First Islamic Course On How To Find, Attract & Marry Your Ideal Husband…

Module 1: Where To Find Your Perfect Husband

Module 1

Where To Find Your Future Husband, insha’Allah

  • The 5 places you’re most likely to meet a great Muslim guy
  • Why everything you’ve tried to find your man hasn’t worked so far… even if you’ve been going to the right places… and what to do instead
  • How to be remembered as ‘that awesome girl’ in all different social settings, from weddings to professional networking events
  • What ‘Ihsan’ is, how to instantly access this spiritual state, and why this is such a critical ‘inner game’ key to connecting with interesting men
  • And much, much more…

Module 2

First Meeting To Marriage

  • The #1 mistake almost all women make when they first meet an attractive man – and how to avoid it (Hint: It’s to do with body-language)
  • How to eliminate awkwardness and uncomfortable silences the first time you meet a man – even if you’re naturally shy and introverted
  • Why men are so superficial – and the single most attractive quality all men want in a woman (Hint: It’s got nothing to do with looks)
  • How to attract men naturally, by effortlessly developing the Islamic quality that skyrockets your self-esteem and self-assuredness (Note: this makes men respect you and see you as wife-material… because you ARE!)
  • And much, much more…
Module 2: First Meeting To Marriage
Module 3: How Attraction Really Works

Module 3

How Attraction Really Works…

  • The huge mind-set shift that will help you instantly realize why you keep falling for the wrong guy (so you can forgive yourself and move on)
  • What makes men switch between ‘external’ attraction and ‘internal’ attraction (if he’s only externally attracted to you, guess what will happen when he sees a more attractive woman…?)
  • The spiritual insight that will make you the most internally attractive woman you know – so that you truly, deeply, love yourself (this is a real man’s pre-requisite to a wife).
  • The effortless way to attract love that lasts – from the inside-out (This is a HUGE paradigm shift for personal development that makes attracting men effortless).
  • And much, much more…

Module 4

Taqwa Dating

  • Why you can throw away your ‘checklist’ of what you think you want in a husband – and the smart way to decide if he’s really the ‘One’
  • The most important phase of your relationship that has to happen before you agree to getting married (and why Muslims never talk about it)
  • How to stay fully conscious during this part of the relationship – knowing that although you’re close, there’s still no solid commitment from him, so there’s a chance you’ll be heartbroken (…And why that’s okay).
  • The Inner Salam Method – a Prophetic Practice that helps you to let go of all the heart-break, pain, sadness and hurt from past relationships
  • And much, much more…
Module 4: Taqwa Dating
Module 5: From Engaged To Married

Module 5

From Engaged To Married

  • How to get him to want to propose (and why one of the previous modules makes this super-easy!)
  • How to get your family on – board (and what to do if they’re not)
  • Why most engagements break off (Hint: It’s to do with your future in-laws)
  • How to get in touch with your True Self & your Inner Wisdom – the part of you that can effortlessly handle people and deal with any circumstance life throws at you
  • And much, much more…

Here’s What Our Students Say…

“I felt so calm compared to beforehand… I didn’t think I would feel that in such a new and unfamiliar situation”

“I don’t feel finding a partner is a big challenge now. It’s going to happen, insha’Allah.”

How Can You Know If This Program Is For You…?

This program is definitely NOT for you if…

  • You’re a man (obviously!). There will be some delicate conversations happening inside this program, including some things that ladies may not want to share outside of our safety net
  • You’re looking to learn tricks to ‘manipulate’ men into liking you, or you want to use these teachings unethically to ‘steal’ a man away from another happily married woman
  • You aren’t willing to let go of negative emotions, limiting beliefs, internal conflicts, insecurities & self-doubt (after they have the tools to do so)
  • You’re not ready to positively transform your life
  • You aren’t curious about how the Quran might contain spiritual teachings that can help you master the ‘inner-game’ of love, confidence & attraction.

This program is for you if…

  • You’re a single Muslim woman
  • You want to marry someone who truly loves and cherishes you for who you are
  • You want to know what to do (and not do) when you’re attracted to someone
  • You want to understand how a Muslim man thinks when he’s looking for marriage (and why he does certain things, like ignoring texts)
  • You want this part of your journey to actually be fun & effortless, without any of the stress, fear and pressure you’ve experienced in the past
  • You want the Quran to be your spiritual guide along this sacred journey towards marriage

“How Is This Different From Other Dating & Marriage Advice Programs…?”

There are 2 major perspectives you’ll get from this program that are simply not available anywhere else…

In this program, you get to explore what goes on inside a Muslim man’s mind, when he’s deciding whether or not to marry you.

In this respect we’ll answer important questions such as…

  • Why does he suddenly ‘go cold’ after expressing interest in you?
  • How many times should you meet before talking about marriage?
  • How do you know if he’s talking to other women besides you, and what can you do about it?

You’ll learn to use the Quran as your personal development manual, and spiritual guide along the way.

That way, you can effortlessly master your nafs and let go of limiting beliefs, fears, doubts and insecurities that have been keeping you single and stuck. And you’ll effortlessly return to your naturally attractive, highest best self.

Of course, this won’t just benefit your relationships – it will enhance every area of your life and deepen your connection with Allah (swt).

Here’s What You’re Going To Get…

Meet Him & Marry Him Modules

When you join the program you get instant online access to all 5 training modules of the Meet Him & Marry Him program.

In each module you’ll get…

  • A video training with accompanying MP3 download & class notes
  • An in-depth plan to address each one of the 5 steps that take you all the way from finding to meeting & marrying your ideal husband.
  • The ‘strategy’, the ‘male mindset’ and the ‘spiritual insight’ you need to effortlessly move to the next step, without all the struggle & stress that sabotage most women’s efforts

So, What’s The Meet Him & Marry Him Program Worth…?

A lot of clients tell me the advice they receive & the transformation they experience is simply priceless.

To work with me 1-to-1 to receive this training over the course of a year is an investment of £10,000.

However, I only have limited capacity to coach people 1-to-1, and I’ve received so many requests from students for this material, that I’ve finally put it all into one, affordable online package.

The investment for this program is:

£497 full pay, or 5 easy payments of £147

Plus, to make this a complete no-brainer I’m gifting you all these bonuses if you order right now…

Taqwa Transformation Event Pass

Bonus #1

Taqwa Transformation Live Event

  • The best bonus you’re ever going to get – where the extremely popular, transformational UK TV show is filmed
  • Spend 3 intensive days with me personally where we go deeper into how to apply all of this in your life
  • Meet real-life case-studies of people who’s relationships have transformed thanks to these principles
  • Meet world-class relationship coaches sharing their best insights

Bonus #2

Relationship Breakthrough Session

Work with me 1-to-1 in a telephone coaching session where we’ll…

  • Create a crystal clear, inspiring vision of your ideal husband and married life
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your attempts to find and keep your perfect mate
  • Create a 5-part Inspired Action Plan, based on exactly where you are right now in your journey
  • Get you renewed, re-energised & totally inspired to find love that lasts forever, insha’Allah.
  • And much, much more

These sessions last between 45-75 minutes and I normally charge £297 for a 1-off intensive like this. But it’s yours free with your order.

Relationship Breakthrough Session
Be Awesome Online

Bonus #3

Be Awesome Online

  • Special webinar on what to do when you’re looking for your partner on and other ‘marriage’ websites.
  • The top 3 mistakes most Muslim women make when they talk with guys on these sites
  • How to quickly and easily separate out the creeps from the super-stars

Bonus #4

Single Lady Freedom Formula

  • How to completely let go of the insults from all the self-righteous, rude ‘Auntie-Gees’ who look down on you for being single
  • How to not give in to your family or friends’ negative attitudes towards your & your search for real love
  • How to find true peace, freedom and inner-happiness that lasts, regardless of how drastic the circumstances of your life may seem to get
Single Lady Freedom Formula

The 30-Day “Pray Your Istikhara” Guarantee

If you’re still reading, then you probably know that this program is for you. However, you may never have had the (awesome) experience of being in one of my programs before.

So, if you have any doubt in your mind as to how much you’ll enjoy this training & how transformational it will be…

I’m giving you a full 30 days to try out this program, go through all the material and if you don’t absolutely love it, or if you get a strong intuition that this isn’t for you – we’ll give you an instant refund.

We only want super-star students that really value the material and are ready to transform their lives.

If that’s you…

Say Bismillah, Put Your Trust In Allah & Get Started Today.

Marriage is a Sunnah. And following the spiritual path to get married is also Sunnah. If you’re finally ready to transform your life, choose a payment plan and click the button below to get started.

FULL PAY: £497

5 easy payments of £147

May the Peace, Love & Blessings of Allah be with you. Always.

Quran Coach

P.S. Remember, when you join right now you get:

  • The 5 Module Meet Him & Marry Him Online Training Program with all support materials (Worth £497)
  • A Free Ticket to the next Taqwa Transformation Live Event (Worth £497)
  • 3 Months in the Timeless Wisdom Mastermind (Worth £1491)
  • Be Awesome Online Program (Worth £200)
  • Single Lady Freedom Formula (Worth £200)
  • Relationship Breakthrough Session (Worth £297)
  • That’s a grand total of £3,182 in real-world value that you can get right now for just…

FULL PAY: £497

5 easy payments of £147